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Starting with Happiness
2009 - 2023

It is a social innovation project that aims to mitigate the negative effects of the digital gender gap. Through a virtual training platform, we are dedicated to strengthening the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurial women who are dedicated to catalog sales in Leonisa.

DIME - Comprehensive development of

entrepreneurial women

For VIP executives

The project has been developed through Diploma Courses in which the beneficiaries received training activities, access to microcredits and mentoring and coaching sessions.

Strengthening Active Women - FAMA

In alliance with the Carvajal Foundation and the Limmat Foundation of Switzerland, the FAMA Program, whose purpose is to improve the living conditions of low-income women in the city of Buenaventura, through a training model that allows them to create their own microenterprises or access the labor market.

Football with heart - FCC

We educate girls, boys and young people socio-emotionally through football so that they make good life decisions.

Teamwork has allowed us to create innovative ways to bring the transformative power of football to members of our community.

Rural Innovation Center - LA SANDALIA

It is aimed at young people from rural areas who have few opportunities for technical education; The main objective is to generate social enterprises, to reduce inequalities and facilitate peaceful coexistence, especially to empower them as actors in their socioeconomic and citizenship growth processes, motivating their responsible leadership in the villages and municipalities of Antioquia where they come from. This process is structured through diploma training, short courses, techniques and technologies.  

Accounts without stories - Bancolombia Foundation

A virtual training program 

Its objective is to develop financial skills that allow you to improve money management, financially strengthen your ventures or productive projects, and improve your process of making informed and conscious financial decisions. Increase your financial well-being

Family ICT School - Fundación Telefónica

In this project we seek to bring parents and caregivers closer to the educational process of their children, mediated by the appropriate use of ICT, in order to contribute to closing the generational gap and strengthening family ties.

Support for entrepreneurship of people with disabilities

We promote social development and the generation of employment opportunities for people with disabilities and their caregivers, seeking to improve their quality of life through the delivery of inclusive revolving funds for the strengthening of productive units, support for entrepreneurship and short courses training in updating skills.

Connect Employment

Skills training program  digital and entrepreneurial attitude promoted by the Telephone Foundation in Europe and Latin America.

We have developed an alliance that will allow us to train 225 young Colombians.

Impulse school woman

Program for female empowerment through technology, seeks to benefit women who want to join the ICT sector or who are already linked, but who want to continue training and improving the conditions of employability or entrepreneurship, and as a consequence improve their level. development and income

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Our projects are a space where social innovation, technology and education intertwine to empower women leaders in their own ventures. We create a world where every idea counts, every voice is heard and every dream becomes a reality.
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